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DocuWare Client: Comparing Documents in Comfort

To authorize an invoice for payment usually requires lots of comparisons between proposals, purchase orders and shipping documents. DocuWare Client makes this process very comfortable: double-clicking an invoice in the list will display it in the main pane of the viewer. Then load another document like a purchase order and choose “Open in a new viewer window“ from the document’s context menu to see it side-by-side. DocuWare Client’s viewer has lots of other options for making your workday even easier.

DocuWare "remembers" how you set up the windows and will load the viewer and main area in DocuWare Client in the same configuration the next time you open the program. Viewer and main pane of DocuWare Client can be flexibly configured. Here are three examples:


1.    Overview of Result List Content
By default, the viewer will be displayed next to the result list in the same window. Just double-click on documents in the list to open them successively in the viewer. A thumbnail or index view of the documents may be enough to quickly scroll through –you can opt for these views in the result list menu.














Standard view of DocuWare Client -- with a result list in the main pane on the left and docked viewer on the right.


2. Comparing Multiple Proposals

In order to compare offers, as an example, click on "Open in a new viewer window“ in the context menu of each document. Each of the documents will then be opened a new browser window, which can be freely moved around – even onto a second monitor if necessary. It makes no difference if you open documents straight from a basket or result list.


Comparison view: one document is shown in a docked viewer, while another is opened in a new window.

3. Separating List and Viewer Display
To comfortably rearrange multiple documents on a screen, separate the viewer from the main area. Open "Settings" in the main menu of DocuWare Client, go to "Viewer" and then select "Open DocuWare Viewer in new viewer." The result list is displayed by default in its own window, which you can move freely, even onto a second monitor.
The command "Open viewer in a new window" from the document menu will again load documents into separate viewer windows. If you then double-click documents in the result list, the preview will always open in the same separate window.











When the viewer and result list are separated, they can be moved around on the screen as needed.