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Customizing Result Lists

Result_List_HeaderAre you working with result lists that have lots of columns? These might be important for your colleagues, but not necessarily for you. To customize the view, simply head to your personal settings. You can deactivate and sort a result list‘s columns to best suit your needs – for a quick overview that makes it easier to get your work done. Here’s how:


1. Open "Settings" in the main menu of DocuWare Client.


2. Go to the “Search“ tab; your result lists are shown in the bottom area. Click on the plus sign in front of the result list you’d like to customize.



3. All the fields contained in the result list are shown. The fields you don’t regularly need can be hidden by clicking on the eye symbol. These will then automatically slip to the end of the list. The remaining active fields can also be sorted in the best order. Just use the arrow to move it by drag & drop to the desired position. Store your new settings and you‘ll immediately have a result list that works best for you!