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Adding Documents by Drag & Drop to Already Stored Documents

Dragdrop_header_ENSay you’d like to add a delivery slip to the record of a previously stored invoice. It’s simple with DocuWare Client. Just drag the delivery slip from the basket and drop it on the invoice appearing in a result or task list. You can also decide in which order the documents should be combined. Here’s how:

Step 1: Scan the delivery slip; it appears in the basket.

Step 2: In a second work area in DocuWare, open a result list which contains the invoice.

Step 3: Drag the delivery slip onto the invoice in the result list.





















Step 4: A new window will open automatically. Choose the “Clip“ command:










Step 5: Choose the order in which the documents should be combined:


The delivery slip and invoice will form a new DocuWare document that contains two files.