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Process Planner: Enhanced Process Overview

To kick off the year, we have added two new features to Process Planner, our free process mapping tool. New clustering and options for viewing details give you an even better overview of your workflow processes.

Power users who create many processes will be particularly pleased when they see Process Planner’s optimized sidepanel. It has been enhanced for managing better groupings and to keep an overview of all diagrams created with the Process Planner. Any number of categories can now be created to "store" the diagrams in individual folders. Diagrams can now also be filtered – so you can display “All diagrams“ or “All diagrams shared with you.“ This way you can find the right diagram much faster when coworking, since everyone can search in the right folder. 



Process Planner 2020: Enhanced clustering, filtering and overview


The display of the diagram overview has been enhanced as well. In addition to the name, you can now add a short description to each process, which can be edited at any time. This is particularly helpful for short process names, so that you can see immediately what a process is about and skip the unnecessary opening of diagrams. 

Want to check out the new features? Then simply open the Process Planner today! As a new user, you only need to enter your email address and create a password to register.

More about Process Planner here.

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