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Customer Appreciation Week 2020 - Keeping Chicagoland Fit and Preparing for Growth

DocuWare’s third annual Customer Appreciation Week is still going strong! July 16 is the next official Get to Know Your Customer Day but at DocuWare, we celebrate in June – and why leave it to just one day? Each day this week, we have been celebrating our customers. Visit our Modern Digital Business blog to read their DocuWare success stories.

logoChicagoland Fat Loss Camps, a customer of Authorized DocuWare Partner Impact Networking, provide nutritional counseling and exercise programs to clients in the Chicago metropolitan area. Fat Loss Camps offers a six-week workout program at each of its seven locations. Prospective clients attend kickoff events held every six weeks with 50-70 attendees on-site at each location. Before implementing DocuWare Cloud, staff kept track of weigh-in numbers, supplement orders and referral bonuses on paper. Employees worked long hours to input data into the company’s ERP system. This required extra effort incurring costs of up to $3,000 per event. In addition, Fat Loss Camp’s manual system was a barrier to turning kickoff attendees into clients, because some people felt uncomfortable entering credit card information on a paper form.

E-forms and automated workflow create new efficiencies

Using DocuWare ended the days of working with paper forms and sorting through file boxes. In the past, each Fat Loss Camps location used approximately 25,000 pieces of paper per year. Now, clients enroll on their mobile devices via easy-to-navigate electronic forms with customized drop-down menus. Once new clients are enrolled, the Fat Loss Camps’ staff can access consistent information, perform quick searches and make updates with the click of a mouse.

Previously when filling out a paper form, some new clients left fields blank or their writing was illegible. This required employees to reach out to collect the information. E-forms are set up with required fields to guarantee all form fields are filled out. The use of DocuWare reduced the number of follow up calls to track down missing information from 500 to 50 per six-week program. Conditional logic, which is built into the form, enables customization depending on answers a client provides. The use of digital forms also reduced paper usage significantly. Combined with savings realized because of the printing services offered by Impact Networking, Fat Loss Camps saves $500 per month on supplies.

Orders for supplements, t-shirts and referral processing are also tracked in DocuWare. Instead of using separate paper files for each type of order, keeping track of progress in Excel documents and using physical stamps to denote process status, staff members update orders digitally. This reduces errors and results in quicker order fulfillment. With approximately 250 members purchasing items during each six-week cycle, thousands of dollars are invoiced in a timelier manner improving cash flow.

secondary blog pictureFat Loss Camps staff no longer spends time manually typing data stored on paper documents into the database. After thorough training, they work confidently in the DocuWare system. Thanks to DocuWare Autoindex, each client’s information which is gathered through e-forms, is merged into a single line of data. This makes it much simpler to input data into their ERP system. Instead of chasing information, the team can focus on engaging with clients and trainers. “One of our most important goals is to improve the customer experience. Referrals account for 80% of new business,” CEO Jackie Clark-Edwards explains. The company also wants to reward clients who have referred friends to Fat Loss Camps promptly to show their appreciation.

A company prepared for growth

With DocuWare in place, Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps has a system that can scale as the company expands. The Impact Networking team has already transferred data from 3,500 clients and tens of thousands of pages of paper from previous cycles into the digital database. "We worked with Chicagoland Fat Loss Camp and Jackie to work through the root cause of the issues they were experiencing as an organization," said Impact Digital Innovation Branch Manager John Western. "After a thorough assessment of the business, which included examining the company's spaces, looking into the current process, including workflows and written forms, and interviewing employees to determine their needs, DocuWare for enterprise content management became the proposed solution. Chicagoland Fat Loss Camp has been a great partner and we look forward to continuing to help them realize the benefits of digital transformation." The thousands of dollars previously spent on additional work hours for employees who organized and reviewed documents can now be used to grow the business.

“Instead of searching through 10,000 pieces of paper, we can press a button and quickly get information on our clients,” Jackie says. "The most important thing is the time I save,” she continues. “Even when I’m on vacation, I check in. It takes 30 seconds to download the data I want to review. I have a lot more time to spend with my husband and children.”

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