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Intelligent Indexing: Worldwide Success for DocuWare Innovation


The dream of automatic document storage is becoming reality for more and more users - thanks to Intelligent Indexing by DocuWare. This innovation was introduced mid of 2013 and already nearly 200 customers are processing over 360,000 documents per month. And with each document stored, the system gets smarter and smarter. How does it work?

Intelligent Indexing automatically recognizes the most important terms in a document and proposes them as index terms. These can then be confirmed by a user or modified as needed. The system learns with each new entry: if Intelligent Indexing already knows a document type, index terms are automatically supplied which reflect previously used document content, such as a sender’s name, invoice number, and amount. With a brief learning curve, manual entries becomes less frequent thereby speeding up the storage process. Your local DocuWare reseller can provide you with more information.

Intelligent Indexing is offered as a web-based service but may also now be added as an extra module for a local installation.