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How Digital Email Management Can Simplify Your Work Life


Email boxes are more than a communication vehicle, they are also a repository of critical business information. But emails tend to be informal and that tricks us into thinking that they don’t need to be archived and searchable, though some emails need to be retained for compliance. How many times have you scrolled through your inbox or sent mail box looking unsuccessfully for important email correspondence or attachments that you forgot to save?

Some of us also make the mistake of using an email inbox as a to-do list. With email management software, you can set up rules so that emails are automatically put in a task list or archived along with related documents.

Do more than simply move emails from a server to a repository

Connect your email with a modern email management solution to:

  • Store messages with one click as well as archive email automatically according to preset parameters into one centralized digital location
  • Mark email that you want to keep in Outlook as filed
  • Be selective so that duplicates and meaningless standard messages are automatically discarded, as necessary
  • Tag email messages with required index data so they can be easily found and used to start digital workflows
  • Add contact and company names when indexing from external sources such as address books or CRM
  • Search for all stored emails from a particular sender or company while in Outlook — results display right in the email client
  • Archive attachments as well as email messages
  • Help enforce legally required retention schedules and purges emails that you are no longer required to keep on file
Learn how email management software saves time and eliminates frustrating searches through your inbox. Watch a recording of the webinar, Start the new year right: Get your email handling in shape.
Webinar - Get Your Email Handling In Shape