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Handy Tool Makes Planning Invoice Processing Child’s Play


Let our experience with digital invoice processing inspire you to plan and share your processes in a snap, using DocuWare's free and intuitive Process Planner

More and more companies are converting their accounting processes into digital invoice approvals. This brings enormous advantages:

  • Processes become transparent and can be precisely tracked at any time
  • Errors are avoided 
  • Employees are freed up 

By accelerating your invoice processing, your company can take advantage of early payment discounts and credit notes. At the same time, costs for paper, office supplies and working hours are vastly reduced.

The Process Planner is a handy tool that helps you digitize your invoice processing workflows. You don't have to be an expert to use it - it's intuitive and easy to use! The good thing about it is that you can share and export your work steps and results with colleagues and vendors inside and outside your organization at any time - regardless if everyone is working with a DocuWare system.


Example of an invoice processing process:


Invoice Processing with a DMS (PP)


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