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Customer Appreciation Week 2019 – News-Press & Gazette Corporation Give DocuWare High Ratings for Streamlining and Automating Contracts Management


DocuWare’s second annual Customer Appreciation Week is still going strong!  July 18 is the next official Get to Know Your Customer Day but at DocuWare, we celebrate in June – and why leave it to just one day? Each day this week, we are honoring one customer. Visit our Modern Digital Business blog daily to read each DocuWare success story and see photos of the festivities. Follow all the celebrations on social media at #DocuWareCustomerWeek.

logoThe News-Press & Gazette (NPG) Corporation is a media company headquartered in St. Joseph, Missouri with holdings in TV broadcast, radio broadcast, and newspapers. They have 45 TV network affiliates, four radio stations and multiple digital platforms in 10 markets throughout the Midwest and western United States along with 13 daily and weekly publications in Missouri and Kansas. The company has been owned and operated by the Bradley family since the 1950s, and is now in its fourth generation.

NPG Corporation needed a solution to store, manage and distribute hundreds of high-dollar contracts across its 45 TV broadcast and radio stations throughout the country. These types of contracts include: 1) TV syndication programming contracts so they can air shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Family Guy, 2) service contracts for maintenance equipment and 3) rental agreements for leasing out office space or TV equipment. Prior to DocuWare, a business manager at each station manually kept track of contract renewal dates in a spreadsheet. If they renewed within 90 days, they received a discount but if not, they had to pay full retail price. Each TV station can have 30+ syndication contracts so it was essential for NPG to find a way to streamline contract management and not miss out on renewal savings.

As a first step, NPG centralized all contract negotiations and renewal tracking to take place out of their headquarters. Business managers sent all their contracts into HQ at NPG, but it was cumbersome to track dates in spreadsheets and PDFs amongst different folders. Authorized DocuWare Partner Toshiba Business Solutions in Lee Summit, MO showed DocuWare to the Bradley family and they found it to be a good fit for what they wanted to accomplish. They liked the scalability feature of the solution and that they could push the software out to other areas of the company and build upon its use.

media2Now with DocuWare, NPG is staying on top of contract terms and renewals with ease, giving them peace of mind. All contracts are easily indexed and stored in DocuWare and the solution keeps track of renewal dates automatically. Contract management and negotiations are still run out of the headquarters but now more efficiently as there is one central digital repository to go to search for contracts; the ability to search for documents quickly is saving time as well. Business managers at each station receive an email notification six months prior to the renewal dates so they can review, renew and not miss any discounts. The benefit that stands out the most to Bruce Kneib, Corporate Controller at NPG Corporation, is having all the documents centralized and searchable for its multiple offices. NPG currently stores 300 contracts and counting in DocuWare.

NPG is expanding their DocuWare use by giving the business managers at each station the ability to enter their own contracts into DocuWare, search for them on their own, and start managing the payments for the syndication contracts as well.

“I would definitely recommend DocuWare to any organization that needs a digital solution to manage their contracts. It’s worked well for NPG and we’ve been very happy with it,” said Bruce.

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The NPG team were thankful to receive their Customer Appreciation plaque and catered lunch, presented by DocuWare Regional Sales Director Shamarr Fonville and Authorized DocuWare Partner Toshiba Business Solutions of Lee Summit, MO.

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