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Comfortable Document Control with Zero Interruptions at ROTEX Heating Systems


When this international manufacturer of complete heating systems introduced DocuWare in 2012, their main focus was on speeding up their payment authorization process for the 150 incoming invoices received daily. IT Project Manager Stefan Blumhagel remembers: “A new signature policy maxed out our system for distributing and gathering authorizations by in-house mail. And when employees in the chain were out of the office, documents would sometimes sit in their inboxes. Some documents took weeks to gather all the necessary signatures, and we lacked a central status overview.”

They also wanted a central document pool to store all key documents like proposals, order confirmations and contracts. This would greatly reduce the amount of time spent searching for information.


All incoming documents are now scanned in the mailroom and forwarded to appropriate employees. Invoices received by email are also tied into the process. Incoming invoices are captured in SAP and automatically indexed and stored in the central document pool. Once digitized, an authorization workflow is launched. “It’s simple to see exactly who has an invoice and when it‘s been authorized,” explains Blumhagel. “Now we can make payment deadlines and take advantage of early payment discounts.” With less paper, the company also saves a ton of space. In the past, they would fill 190 new binders each year with invoices alone. The Project Manager also has high marks for their quick access to documents directly from other applications: “It’s innovative and makes our work far more productive.

"DocuWare was immediately implemented within our SAP-based system, without the need for additional programming. Integration with our Microsoft SharePoint portal was also seamless." Stefan Blumhagel, IT Project Manager