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7 Ways DocuWare Cloud Empowers You to Strengthen Compliance in 2021

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In 2020, privacy concerns intensified and regulatory requirements followed suit. Keeping up with the changes can be daunting. It’s much easier if you’ve built a flexible foundation that adjusts easily to new regulatory requirements. Cloud document management can be a significant contributor to the success your compliance efforts. If it’s not part of your compliance plan today, there are many reasons why it should be.

In an article, 4 Forecasted Trends for 2021 Security and Compliance Strategies, security consultant Jody Paterson confirms that use of cloud technology will continue to be important next year and beyond, “It will have a larger role than most anticipated in 2021 due primarily to the rise in remote work and also the need for better agility and less cost associated with on-premises solutions,” he says.

Paterson notes that compliance audits are likely to become more rigorous “the surge of remote workers, the conditions for potential growth in fraud cases and unsteady revenue growth,” he explains.

Simplifying audits at Criterion Tool & Die

Criterion Tool & Die Inc. manufactures precise components for highly regulated industries such as medical, airspace, and photonics. The company builds and supplies parts for several hundred customers and develops prototypes based on specific requests.

Components manufactured by Criterion Tool & Die Inc., cannot fail once the devices are implanted in patients, installed in planes or in other equipment. Government regulations mandate that the company retain documentation about the parts it supplies for the lifetime of the products and instruments. The company also must produce all supporting documentation in a timely manner when requested for audits.

The speed and convenience of DocuWare is particularly important during audits. Prior to DocuWare use, audit preparations took several hours, but now the documents can be found by inputting job numbers and retrieving the records. “The biggest time saver is being able to pull the document instantly,” says Marketing & IT Coordinator Kellyanne Gottschalk. “It also greatly reduced employee’s stress levels during audit-preparation time,” she adds. “We know the job number and we can just look them up and produce documents on demand right in front of the auditor.”
A quick recap of how DocuWare supports compliance 
1. E-signatures: A qualified electronic signature is the most secure signature level. According to the European regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS), the legal validity of a qualified electronic signature corresponds to that of a handwritten one.
2. Roles and responsibilities: Assignment of privileges, such as viewing, editing, printing and downloading restrict unauthorized activity. Redaction enables further protection of personal data.
3. Fraud prevention: Maintenance of document integrity, version control and a robust audit trail enable your organization to detect and prevent fraud. Notification of violations of security protocols through activity reports provides a further level of protection.
4. Audit preparation: With a document management system for managing documents, your company is better prepared for an audit, allowing you to respond quickly to auditor requests and maintain greater control over your business information.
5. Legal issues: Archive digital documents and use keyword and fulltext search capabilities for eDiscovery
6. Disaster recovery: Digital backup and redundancy that eliminates the potential of losing documents.
7. Protection against cyberthreats: In addition to built-in security, DocuWare is hosted on Azure Cloud and backed by a team of security experts.

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