Case Study: Pediatric Associates, Caring for the Entire Business


Patient medical information at one of the nation’s largest pediatric practices is seamlessly integrated with existing medical software now that paper charts are converted to digital records with DocuWare .

Physicians only have to login into one system to review a complete medical history - including lab work, x-rays, immunization records and more - or to add a diagnosis or notes to a patient’s chart.

Key benefits: instant access to records across seven different offices has improved patient services and provides better compliance with HIPAA regulations. The transformation of paper storage space into eight additional exam rooms allows the practice to see more patients. Additionally, the clinic no longer has to pay for offsite document storage.

With DocuWare in place, the clinic‘s seven locations can now operate as one, streamlining logistics, improving information access and patient service. Future plans include going digital in HR and their Business Office.

"DocuWare has definitely made an impact on patient safety and customer service. Having important information be secure and easy to access is very key for our organization."

Brock Morris, Chief Information Officer for Pediatric AssociatesBrockMorrisProfile Pic_PediataricAssociates

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