PaperScan – DocuWare’s iOS Scanner App

PaperScanIntroducing PaperScan, our own Scan App. We believe that this new App solves several of the problems inherent in other existing Scan Apps. See for yourself and download PaperScan onto your iPhone or iPad. Follow this link for a free download.

It’s simple to use: just hold your Smartphone over a piece of paper and PaperScan will automatically capture the image once it recognizes the borders of the document.

Okay, other Apps can do that as well, but PaperScan is more immune to weak lighting or little contrast between paper and background. Our iOS Scanner App can also easily tackle wrinkled or folded paper. A document doesn’t need to be lying down on a flat surface – PaperScan achieves great results even when a document is held in your hand.

PDFs generated by PaperScan aren’t only for storing in DocuWare. They can also be placed in Dropbox, sent by email, and printed via AirPrint. DW_Scanner_sob8_En_


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