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Document Capture – Beyond Paper

When you hear “document capture,” you might think of scanning and digitization. But there is a more complex dimension to the ECM cycle. According to AIIM, “anything born digital – Word documents, spread sheets, presentations, and even social media – needs to stay that way. You want to, if at all possible, prevent born-digital information from being presented in hard copy or print form.

So, what kind of documents are we talking about? A few examples:

Email: The information within email is critical for most companies. ECM software makes it possible to manage email not only as records, but also as documents including attachments.

Social Media Stream: Companies are required to treat post streams in their social profiles as documents.

Born-Digital Documents: ECM software integrates with the programs you already have, easily allowing you to connect to the central document pool.

The benefits of capturing that information are ten-fold. Read more about capturing and storing your documents with DocuWare.