How DocuWare Can Help You With Filing E-Mail

Storage and Retrieval - Systematic Indexing in Document Pool

E-mail has become a core communication medium in the business world and is well on its way to replacing letters and faxes. No wonder then, that finding the ultimate professional and systematic filing method for handling electronic correspondence has become so important.

E-mail: Blessing or Curse?

In the last few years, e-mail has helped the world become a smaller place.

Increasingly, contracts, proposals, letters, etc., are arriving within seconds on a recipient´srecipient’s desk – a desk that might be located thousands of miles away from the sender. Large groups of recipients can all be supplied with information simultaneously, markedly helping communication to flow within a company and between business partners.

But what are we all supposed to do with so many electronic messages? Less than 20% of companies have tackled the issue of properly storing e-mail. Even fewer have implemented their own e-mail policies. Yet the need to organize e-mail, to store them and file them in a logical and efficient way, is becoming more and more important.

When introducing e-mail filing to your organization, the question immediately arises: who stores which e-mail and when? There are basically two different approaches: Decentralized filing conducted by individual employees at their workstations or central filing done right at the server. DocuWare can do both.

Decentralized Filing - At Workstation

This approach is similar to the way paper documents are usually handled. Each employee decides which e-mail needs to be stored and when.

DocuWare can enhance the indexing process by integrating information from an address book or other database, which can add important index information such as company or contact name. Of course the subject, sender name, recipient name and date are automatically incorporated.

Here’s how it works: DocuWare monitors a folder that is set up in Outlook (or any MAPI compliant e-mail solution); as soon as a user drags an e-mail into this folder, it will be filed. Attachments can be automatically stored together with the e-mail text or separately (in the file cabinet) and added to a fulltext index for later searches. If desired, the e-mail can then be deleted in Outlook. They can be stored in their original format or be converted by DocuWare into other formats.

The configuration of DocuWare’s ACTIVE IMPORT module needed for this monitoring is completed in a few minutes. Step-by-step directions take you through the process.


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