DocuWare: Helping Create a Seamless Workplace… Even From Remote Locations

One of the important benefits of electronic document management is being able to access documents online, regardless of location. The DocuWare 5 Client can have authorized access to file cabinets and documents in the central document pool over the Internet from anywhere in the world and with full functionality. All you need is the right IP address configured on the client PC.

Synchronize file cabinets

File cabinets at different locations can also be synchronized with one another. A finely granulated system of rules determines which documents in a file cabinet in the central document pool are to be synchronized with the file cabinet at a branch location in the next synchronization run, and vice versa. This ensures that the head office and the branch can conveniently work with the same documents with minimum response times and without overloading landlines. This is an optimum way of integrating both domestic and foreign branches and subsidiaries in your document management system.

Work offline on a laptop

DocuWare uses the same synchronization technology to integrate mobile users on laptop PCs. Sales people or engineers at job sites need all the information about their customers to be up to date at all times. E-mail and other documents they create themselves are filed in the laptop file cabinet. Then, at the next synchronization, they are automatically transferred to the office, where they become available to inhouse staff. The fact that both inhouse staff and staff in the field have access to the same, complete information, improves not only your customer service but employee satisfaction as well. And it also means you can extend your workflow processes to include mobile users.

Remote location workflow processes

The DocuWare architecture makes it easy to extend document-based processes to home offices and other remote workstations. Mobile users can be integrated: quotes and invoices can now be approved offline on the laptop; the workflow step is then transferred to the office during the next synchronization, where DocuWare continues the workflow. Including remote workstations and mobile users in the electronic process control adds even more to the efficiency of this system when compared to paper-based workflows.

Keeping manufacturing documents under control and current - worldwide

With DocuWare, you speed up production and manufacturing while increasing your company's legal security. Quality Control profits from a transparent well-organized information management software. Our system safely stores everything to fulfill the documentation needs of today's Product Liability laws and retention schedules.

Guidelines vs. Progress

Product Liability laws and guidelines for the storage and long-term archiving of documents are becoming more and more stringent. At the same time, development and product cycles are speeding up - with "Time to Market" playing a key competitive role. Sustaining efficient and error-free production is therefore necessary to keep pace with progress. It might only take a single simple mistake and you're looking at a loss of millions.

Manufacturing Process in Focus

A detail needed for production is being questioned, and the document that will clear things up is missing. The result? Quality Control has stopped! Work has come to a standstill! Now you are looking at a loss of revenue and your competitive edge suffers.

Get a Handle on Production Documents

DocuWare makes manufacturing and production processes more efficient. The system handles all of your documentation from multiple locations in one central document pool. Paper documents are scanned and administered together with other electronic documentation - contracts, protocols, e-mail, drawings, CAD files or photographs... it doesn't matter, it's all in there. Authorized employees can easily access any of the documents needed in real-time from around the world. The programs used to generate the original files do not have to be installed on a computer in order to view them.


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