Video Conferencing: A Big Solution For Your Small Business

In today’s economic environment, small businesses are constantly adapting, always looking for new ways to cut costs while at the same time improving the way work is done (or at least maintaining the status quo).

Perhaps one of technology’s biggest contributions to the lives of small business owners is the rise of online video conferencing. Services such as Skype make face-to-face job interviews, sales calls, and meetings from across the globe as simple as setting up a web cam and clicking a mouse. Need to hold weekly meetings featuring full power point presentations with colleagues in San Antonio and Seattle? Just five years ago this would have seemed impossible. Now, web conference providers like GoToMeeting are making this incredibly easy, while at the same time allowing you to record and archive your session for later use.

With gas reaching record prices throughout the U.S., the cost of traveling is hitting everyone hard. Most small companies simply can’t afford to pay these incredibly high expenses, especially when there are such cost effective and convenient solutions.

In a recent article, June Bower, vice president of Cisco’s online collaboration software group, listed her top four ways that video conferencing is great for small businesses:

1. Saving Money

-“Yes, there are initial upfront costs, but return on investment is usually swift. This way, you can save your travel budget for a few high profile, important face-to-face dates each year.”

2.Connecting Disparate Employees

-“Studies show that nearly 80% of Americans say they’d like to telecommute. Retaining valuable employees who relocate or need to work from home a few days a week saves on office space, costly recruiting and retraining”

3.Mainting Personal Connections

-“A picture is worth a thousand words” may be a tired cliché, but it proves particularly true when it comes to cementing relationships.

4.Improving Work-Life Balance

-“Eliminating, or at least reducing, the need for frequent travel takes a great deal of stress off key staffers that you can’t afford to lose”

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