The Pentagon Looks to Utilize Cloud Computing

Sound a little risky for our nations secrets? The Pentagon doesn’t think so. DARPA’s new budget shows that the military plans to set up mobile wireless hotspots so that troops can access information via cloud computing in even the most underdeveloped locations. Implementing the cloud would allow troops to acquire large data files (part of the document management strategy) even when they are not stationary.

The goal is that the members of the military, no matter where they are, will always have bandwidth with them. Although this is a daunting task as it is difficult to set up hot-spots all over the globe, and more so because they will be needing to download videos as well as send and receive large amounts of data, it is not impossible. Some companies involved are looking to solve this problem by mounting cell towers under drones (an unmanned aerial vehicle), which will ensure connectivity below.

The project will be estimated to start out with a budget of $10 million, with the first year dedicated to creating the software and technology necessary to carry out the cloud, but neither DARPA nor military officials can explain how they intend to keep the cloud secure.