DocuWare Solution Finder

You probably know this from buying a car: Just as you click through a type electronic system to configure the the color, material for the seats, and other features of your dream car, here you click through the Solution Finder. At the end of it you will know exactly what benefits a DMS can offer you, and what DocuWare can provide to meet your requirements. So don’t wait any longer to find out what a DMS can do for you!
We often hear complaints like this in Support, in many cases not without justification. Users are pretty sure they haven’t installed or reconfigured anything - but suddenly find they can no longer open PDF files! So what’s going on?
Adobe recently released version 10 or “X” of Adobe Reader. After installation, some users reported that they get an error message when they try to open a PDF file from inside DocuWare. The documents wouldn’t open and the invoice approval workflow came to a standstill.
This problem can be solved by disabling Protected Mode in Adobe Reader X. Select "Edit" > "Preferences“ > "General" tab and disable "Enable Protected Mode at Startup.”
So thanks to this popular and extremely simple option of automated software updates, all our (best-laid) plans went awry! Luckily, after it was all fixed, we were still able to pay the bills ;-)