Do You Need a Marketing Makeover?

As we all know, marketing is extremely important for small businesses. A marketing plan slip up can really hurt an up start company trying to grow. It’s imperative for small business owners and marketing directors to routinely assess how their overall strategy is working, and what could be done better. has put together a great list, Five Signs You Need a Marketing Makeover, identifying potentially dangerous red flags that we should all look out for.

The Five Signs are:

1. Nothing matches

“Inconsistent messages and visual imagery can confuse consumers, forcing them to turn away from your brand in search of one that does continually meet their expectations.”

2. You don’t know what you want

“If you haven’t mapped out your one-year and five-year goals, then your marketing efforts might not be helping your business.”

3. You don’t know how to connect with customers

“If you don’t know who you need to connect with and where to find them, then you could waste a lot of time building relationships with people and spending time in places that won’t drive the business results you need.”

4. You’re talking only about yourself

“It’s important to strike a balance between being social and only self-promoting.”

5. The competition looks better than you

“If your competitors’ message and look outshine yours then you might need to make a change.”