Why DocuWare is Perfect for Your Large Business

Solution Requirements
The successful introduction and use of an Enterprise Content Management system in a large company or organization requires many aspects of a software solution. The first, and most important aspect is the scalability of the system, how well it can accommodate different organizational units of varying size. Whether it’s for central, inter-departmental applications at headquarters, or for smaller project groups that are working remotely – the solution must meet all of these needs. The ideal solution must have: simple decentralized or centralized administration, customized user groups, and offer features that are easy and intuitive to use for a wide range of users. It must also give multiple locations and remote employees a way to seamlessly synchronize their documents in order to maintain data consistency throughout the organization. And no matter where mobile users might be, they need to have access to the system’s entire functionality. All of these aspects are provided by DocuWare at a very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Even in its standard package DocuWare contains all of the critical elements of professional Enterprise Content Management. DocuWare offers excellent scalability and is easy to use, administer and maintain, which all adds up to its very low TCO. The experience of our customers shows that whether using DocuWare on a small scale - at one location or in one department - is profitable and a big overall improvement.
Flexible and Scalable
Ever changing numbers of employees or requirements are not a problem for DocuWare. Since the software architecture of this document management system is based on widely accepted standards, it is able to be seamlessly integrated with client, server and other system infrastructure components. Depending on the number of users, DocuWare’s server modules can either be installed centrally on a server or distributed across several computers. Load sharing guarantees optimal performance at every workstation.
Clearly Structured Administration
DocuWare is always made up of the same components and features – regardless if it’s for a mobile user, single client system or a corporate-wide solution. This means its administration remains simple and clearly structured, even as a system expands to encompass new departments, locations and mobile users.
Worldwide and Mobile
Even in DocuWare’s basic version, mobile online access is possible regardless of the user’s location. With the DocuWare client program, mobile users can access worldwide file cabinets and documents at headquarters in real-time over the internet, enjoying all of DocuWare’s functionality – and it’s all secure and reliable.
Security and Synchronization
File cabinets in different locations can be effortlessly synchronized with one another. With finely-tuned rules, you can determine which documents in a file cabinet kept at headquarters should be synchronized with those housed in a file cabinet at the company’s remote office. This synchronization can be set up at a predetermined time. This means optimal integration of branches and subsidiaries into the document management system. Notebooks belonging to mobile staff are also synchronized in the same way. This means an employee has all critical documents at hand even while on the road, yet can continue to work offline. Access security is guaranteed since DocuWare separates user and rights administration, as well as system and organization administration. Data integrity is also ensured through audit trails of all user, administrator and server procedures, as well as double retention of index data in both a database and individual document headers.
Working With DocuWare: Simple and Independent
Using the system is also a simple matter for any user. DocuWare imitates the tools and processes of the paper world with digital in-baskets, file cabinets and stamps. A quick introduction without formal training is all that’s needed for a user to utilize all of the features offered by this powerful Enterprise Content Management System.