How to Implement Social Media

Having trouble finding a way to fit social media into your marketing plan? Although it may seem like a difficult task, it truly can be simple. The easiest way is to fit social media into the very basic marketing tactics that most businesses have in place. For example, make sure that your business cards, e-mail signature and your business’ website all include the URL’s or handles to your social media sites.

Aspects of social media that take a bit more effort can make the difference in your social media presence. This may mean going beyond Facebook and Twitter to explore avenues such as webinars, Linked in, podcasts and blogging. Not only do these expand your presence in the social world, but they expand your business in the professional world. Having these extra outlets for your content can help position your company as an authority in your area of expertise as well as cross market your other social media sites.

If your business does not have the time or man power to take on all of these social media venues, then don’t. It is extremely important for your social media pages to be maintained properly. Just as mentioned before, you want to position yourself as an authority in your area of expertise, and if you are overwhelmed by trying to keep up with more social media accounts than you can handle then you will look the opposite. When it comes to social media it is definitely quality over quantity.