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The World of DocuWare
By Editorial Staff

With parts of the country starting to see signs of an economic recovery, which is encouraging, there are still many more areas still “cautiously optimistic.” Moving forward in these still uncertain times has more and more companies, regardless of size or industry, utilizing an Integrated Document Management (IDM) solution to improve their business processes. Their reasons are clear: by improving their document “information” handling, they are able to improve customer service - making them more competitive while enabling them to be more productive overall. Additionally, optimal handling of information will increase their cash flow and reduce costs - positively affecting their bottom line.

Office equipment dealers are always searching for ways to optimize processes. One popular approach is Managed Print Services (MPS). MPS is playing a much greater role in how office equipment dealers are approaching their customers. There is a great deal of synergy between MPS and DocuWare’s document management solutions, as the data collected during the MPS assessment is used for both solutions. This data is extremely important to the next step (after print optimization) which is business process improvement, or workflow. DocuWare promotes a “measure-once-sell-twice” approach.

“The goal of DocuWare is to provide an IDM solution that offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality that is still sold and supported through the channel,” states Greg Schloemer, President of DocuWare Corporation. “DocuWare 5.1c, the latest version of DocuWare based on .Net technology, accomplishes this goal and positions the product for the future. This positioning and the dependence on the reseller is unique in the industry and demonstrative of DocuWare’s belief that the independent reseller is the key to making document management a mainstream application. Our resellers further confirm our belief as our annual reseller conference (DocuWorld 2011) scheduled for early April, far surpasses registrations from previous years.”

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