Why Buy DocuWare: A Case Study from Expressway Transport

Do you have the sort of company that is entirely reliant on documents-- purchasing slips, vendor receipts, mileage records? Expressway Transport was that sort of company and they were drowing in documents! The billing processors at their company would spend two to four hours per day filing documents away. The would have to find documents for minor errors, search amongst other employees if it wasn't in the filing cabinets and after hours office managers would have to drive into the office if there was an emergency. This was a giant document management hurdle that was costing time, decreasing office efficiency and ultimately slowing down productivity.

With DocuWare's document management software, the business is now able to operate with enhanced efficiency. Faxes are now captured, entered electronically and moved to email. Paper documents are scanned and then filed. Now files for customers can be found quickly and easily. Not to mention, that all files can be accessed remotely as long as the individual matches the pre-approval criteria.

With this system in place, Expressway Transport has saved over 40 man-hours per month, removed 8 filing cabinets and improved the time required to place shipments and resulted in an ROI within six months. This streamlined document management process removed many of the businesses inherent headaches!

Says President Frank Sousa of Expressway Transit, "Ultimately, its our customers who benefit. They already trust us with their benefits and like working with us; but in this competitive economy, we wanted to make it even easier for them to turn to us for their transportation needs. Our systems make us more efficient while responding to their needs."