DocuWare Smart Connect Technology Check

Find out whether you can integrate DocuWare in your master application in just a few clicks

Using the Smart Connect for DocuWare 5.1c add-on module you can integrate DocuWare in any application without the need for programming. A button appears in the interface of the master application, for example in the ERP or financial accounting system. When you click on this button you will see all the documents belonging to a transaction. You simply define in advance the criteria Smart Connect should use in the search.

Note: To run this service, port 9016 must be opened on the firewall (outgoing).

You can easily check whether DocuWare can be integrated in your applications using theDocuWare Smart Connect Technology Check.

To run the test you need to temporarily download and start a ClickOnce application.

You can start ClickOnce applications directly from Microsoft Internet Explorer. InFirefox this only works if you have installed the Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant add-on.

Start the download for the ClickOnce application by clicking “Start” in the Web browser.

If you have already used the DocuWare Live Trial, you will not normally need to download the ClickOnce application again. No additional rights in Windows are required for this test.

You will briefly see that the ClickOnce application is being checked by Windows.

In the following window you must confirm the process by clicking “Install”.

After a few seconds you will briefly see the following information:

You system is now ready for the test. First start the application that you want to test and open the window in which you want to access DocuWare. Click on “Test the recognition quality” to start the test and the following message appears:

As described here, click briefly on the application to be tested to create a screenshot of it.

You will then see a smaller version of the screenshot. If this is the right window you can then confirm it with “Yes, I like this window”.

The test result is then displayed in the browser. The window is divided into three areas:

In area 3 you can check how well the text in your application was captured. All recognized characters are marked in green. You can choose between different results.

  • Native: text read directly
  • OCR: text scanned using OCR
  • Screenshot: original screenshot

Enter in area 1 whether the result on the right-hand side is satisfactory. Select “The content of the boxes fits exactly” if you are happy with the result. If you were not happy with the Native and OCR results, then select “None of the screen scraping results is useable”.

In area 2 you can enter a comment on the test result.

If you were not happy with the test result, when you click on “Save changes” you will be taken to a small contact page. If you leave us your e-mail address here, we will get back to you as soon as Smart Connect is able to work with your application.

We hope you enjoy using the Smart Connect Technology Check.


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