Document Management Case Study: Advance Cabinet Designs

Imagine this: a 10" file that gets moved from desk to desk as the office goes about the creation of custom commercial cabinets. From requisition documents, to purchase orders, to packing slips, then blueprints the file would grow and grow. Often, it wouldn't be filed away and instead would sit on the desk of the whichever current employee was working on that step of the problem! This resulted in a lot of problems especially with a conflux of digital and printed documents flying around. Occasionally, someone would end up working on an older version of the project.

Advance Cabinet Designs, a Northwest US- based company, had this exact problem. The loss of files, the confusion of drafts and the overwhelming amount of paperwork was creating an inefficient business problem without a solution in site. Luckily, DocuWare was there with a idea for the lack of business efficiency and the poor document management.

Now accounting is streamlined through the use of electronic stamps, Quickbooks is connected with DocuWare to ease the accounting strategy and all files are scanned and entered electronically. Better access to information has allowed employees to be an active part of the review process. Now, they can plan for what is coming down the line and make suggests to project managemers to create improvements.

Tami Michaud said, "For us DocuWare is not just a place to store papers, its more than that. It is a system that alerts employees to where a product or materials are in the system, or where a job is for scheduling. Complete information is in one system, even while operating with a reduced staff."


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