How to Engage Fans on Facebook

As we all know, social media is becoming one of the fastest growing and most efficient ways to market your company. New research shows that marketers are engaging with Facebook more than ever. 70% of small businesses now use the site to reach their current and potential customers. To ensure that your business thrives in this social space you need to be able to engage users to create an online presence for yourself.

The first step to drawing active users to your Facebook page is to be active yourself. Make sure that you set goals or a schedule that indicates how many times you will check your page, update your status and perhaps run promotions with your fans. Also, make sure to tap into seasonal events that your fans will feel a connection with. For example, you may want to post about the upcoming NBA finals a few weeks before the game, asking your fans who their first round picks are, and then comment on the results. Or if sports isn’t your demographics then create holiday related content or use other events to to create a dialogue. Use common cultural occurrences as a way to connect with your audience.

Although special events are a great way to engage your users, there simply are not enough of them to keep people active everyday of the year. This is where you can fill in with editorial comments or links to relevant articles, pictures, video or audio clips. Keep in mind that as a general rule, people are more likely to respond to a picture rather than a video, as it is far less of a time commitment to look at a photo.

Another thing that can be an extremely helpful tool in optimizing your social media strategy is to set up an analytics on your page. Simply using the “Insights” tool will enable you to see all sorts of metrics regarding your page. Setting up analytics will help you realize what type of content your fans like as well as what they do not feel a strong connection with. This will help you to keep your active users coming back, but it may also help you by giving you insight into what you may need to post in the future in order to reach people that you currently are not.

Social media is a great tool to help you launch your business directly with nearly instantaneous results. Keep monitoring and interacting on your page regularly and you are sure to grow your Facebook presence.


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